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What is a Vicariate?

A Vicariate is a group of nearby parishes within a Diocese/Archdiocese. A Vicariate is headed by a Vicar Forane which is a Parish Priest within the Vicariate and appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese/Archdiocese. A Vicariate is usually named after the oldest or well known Parish within the area or territory.

An Example of a Vicariate is the Vicariate of St. Augustine in the Diocese of Malolos (Province of Bulacan). The Vicariate of St. Augustine is composed of 12 Parishes which covers the municipality of Baliuag, Pulilan and some area of Bustos, San Rafael, Angat and Dona Remedios Trinidad. The Vicariate is named after St. Augustine Parish the oldest Parish Church in the area which is located in Brgy. Poblacion, Municipality of Baliuag, Province of Bulacan. The current Vicar Forane is Rev. Msgr. Manuel B. Villaroman, P.C. which is also the Parish Priest of Sta. Monica de Angat Parish (located in Angat, Bulacan), one of the Parishes within the Vicariate of St. Augustine.

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What is a Vicariate?
Facade of St. Augustine Parish located in Brgy. Poblacion, Baliuag, Bulacan. (Photo from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Malolos website)